Command Line Options Reference#

The tool supports many command line options you can use in your migration. This section provides:

Auto-Complete Command Line Options#

The tool supports auto-completion of command line options. You can auto-complete the option name and option value (for enumeration options only) by using <tab>.

Enable this feature with the following command:

source /path/to/SYCLomatic/install/folder/


Auto-completion of command line options is only supported for Bash on Linux*.

The auto-complete feature will not work if <tab> is used after <space>.

The following examples show how to use the auto-complete feature:

  • Show all tool options:

    dpct --<tab><tab>
  • Auto-complete the command to dpct --version

    dpct --ver<tab>
  • Show all available values of the --use-experimental-features option:

    dpct --use-experimental-features=<tab><tab>
  • Auto-complete the command to dpct --use-experimental-features=logical-group,matrix:

    dpct --use-experimental-features=logical-group,mat<tab>