SYCLomatic Developer Guide and Reference#

This guide describes SYCLomatic features, workflow, and use.

Migrate a Project#

SYCLomatic ports CUDA* language kernels and library API calls to SYCL* for the IntelĀ® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler or oneAPI DPC++ Compiler. The tool provides multiple options and features to customize and control your migration.

The migration workflow guidelines provide detailed information about how to prepare your code for migration, how to use tool features to configure your migration, and how to build and optimize your migrated code.

Review the Migration Workflow Guidelines.

Reference Information#

SYCLomatic reference content provides details about available options, lookup of DPCT warnings, and information about mapping CUDA* concepts and APIs to SYCL*.

Review the SYCLomatic Reference.

API Mapping Status#

For the latest informatin about CUDA* API migration support, refer to CUDA API Migration Support.

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