Query API Mapping, Tool Warning, and Help Options#

The following tables list command line options to query API mapping support, manage warnings generated by the tool, and to display tool information.

Query API Mapping Options#




Query functionally-compatible SYCL API to migrate CUDA API.

Tool Warning Options#




Redirects the stdout/stderr output to <file> in the output directory specified by the --out-root option.


Sets the output verbosity level:

  • =detailed: ‘normal’ and messages about which file is being processed.

  • =diagnostics: ‘detailed’ and information about the detected conflicts and crashes (default).

  • =normal: ‘silent’ and warnings, errors, and notes from SYCLomatic.

  • =silent: Only messages from clang.


A comma-separated list of migration warnings to suppress. Valid warning IDs range from 1000 to 1121. Hyphen-separated ranges are also allowed. For example: -suppress-warnings=1000-1010,1011.


Suppresses all migration warnings. Default: off.

Help and Info Options#




Provides a list of dpct specific options.


Print the installation directory for helper function header files.


Shows the version of the tool.