Report Generation Options#

The following table lists command line options to control report generation during migration.




Specify the prefix for the migration report file names. The full file name will have a suffix derived from the report-type, and an extension derived from the report-format. For example: <prefix>.apis.csv or <prefix>.stats.log. If this option is not specified, the report goes to stdout. The report files are created in the directory, specified by -out-root.


Specify the format of the reports:

  • =csv: Output will be lines of comma-separated values. The report file name extension will .csv (default).

  • =formatted: Output will be formatted for easier readability. Report file name extension will be log.


Generate migration reports only. No SYCL code will be generated. Default: off.


Specifies the type of migration report. Values are:

  • =all: All of the migration reports.

  • =apis: Information about API signatures that need migration and the number of times they were encountered. The report file name has the .apis suffix added.

  • =stats: High level migration statistics: Lines Of Code (LOC) that are migrated to SYCL, LOC migrated to SYCL with helper functions, LOC not needing migration, LOC needing migration but are not migrated. The report file name has the .stats suffix added (default).


Only generate a report for porting effort. Default: off.


Specifies the file where the analysis mode report is saved. Default: Output to stdout.