To enable this feature, set the TBB_PREVIEW_MEMORY_POOL macro to 1.

A class template for scalable memory allocation from memory blocks provided by an underlying allocator.


A memory_pool allocates and frees memory in a way that scales with the number of processors. The memory is obtained as big chunks from an underlying allocator specified by the template argument. The latter must satisfy the subset of the allocator requirements from the [allocator.requirements] ISO C++ Standard section. A memory_pool meet the Memory Pool named requirement.


If the underlying allocator refers to another scalable memory pool, the inner pool (or pools) must be destroyed before the outer pool is destroyed or recycled.



namespace oneapi {
    namespace tbb {
        template <typename Alloc>
        class memory_pool {
            explicit memory_pool(const Alloc &src = Alloc());
            memory_pool(const memory_pool& other) = delete;
            memory_pool& operator=(const memory_pool& other) = delete;
            void recycle();
            void *malloc(size_t size);
            void free(void* ptr);
           void *realloc(void* ptr, size_t size);

Member Functions#

explicit memory_pool(const Alloc &src = Alloc())#

Effects: Constructs a memory pool with an instance of underlying memory allocator of type Alloc copied from src. Throws the bad_alloc exception if runtime fails to construct an instance of the class.


The code below provides a simple example of allocation from an extensible memory pool.

#include "oneapi/tbb/memory_pool.h"
oneapi::tbb::memory_pool<std::allocator<char> > my_pool;
void* my_ptr = my_pool.malloc(10);;