oneTBB API Reference

oneTBB API Reference#

For oneTBB API Reference, refer to oneAPI Specification. The current supported version of oneAPI Specification is 1.0.

Specification extensions#

oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB) implements the oneTBB specification. This document provides additional details or restrictions where necessary. It also describes features that are not included in the oneTBB specification.

Preview features#

A preview feature is a component of oneTBB introduced to receive early feedback from users.

The key properties of a preview feature are:

  • It is off by default and must be explicitly enabled.

  • It is intended to have a high quality implementation.

  • There is no guarantee of future existence or compatibility.

  • It may have limited or no support in tools such as correctness analyzers, profilers and debuggers.


A preview feature is subject to change in future. It might be removed or significantly altered in future releases. Changes to a preview feature do NOT require usual deprecation and removal process. Therefore, using preview features in production code is strongly discouraged.