oneDPL 2022 Breaking Changes#

This page lists the incompatible changes that occurred between the 2021.7.1 and 2022.0 releases.


You may need to modify and/or rebuild your code when switching to oneDPL 2022.

Support for C++11 and C++14 has been discontinued. To use any functionality of oneDPL 2022, a compiler that supports C++17 or newer version of the C++ language standard is required.

The following APIs are not supported in C++17 and have been removed from namespace oneapi::dpl:

  • In the <oneapi/dpl/functional> header:

    • binary_function

    • unary_function

The following APIs are deprecated in C++17 and not supported in C++20:

  • In the <oneapi/dpl/functional> header:

    • binary_negate

    • not1

    • not2

    • unary_negate

  • In the <oneapi/dpl/type_traits> header:

    • is_literal_type

    • is_literal_type_v

    • result_of

    • result_of_t

The size and the layout of the discard_block_engine class template were changed to align its implementation with the С++ standard proposal found at This change lets you utilize the full range of values for the template parameters of the engine.