struct dnnl_graph_inplace_pair_t


In-place pair definition. More…

#include <dnnl_graph_types.h>

struct dnnl_graph_inplace_pair_t
    // fields

    size_t input_id;
    size_t output_id;

Detailed Documentation

In-place pair definition.

It can queried from a compiled partition indicating that an input and an output of the partition can share the same memory buffer for computation. In-place computation helps to reduce the memory footprint and improves cache locality. But since the library may not have a global view of user’s application, it’s possible that the tensor with input_id is used at other places in user’s computation graph. In this case, the user should take the in-place pair as a hint and pass a different memory buffer for output tensor to avoid overwriting the input memory buffer which will probably cause unexpected incorrect results.


size_t input_id

The id of input tensor.

size_t output_id

The id of output tensor.