Compressed Sparse Rows (CSR) Table#

csr_table class is a subtype of a table type, for which the following is true:

  • All the columns have the same data type.

  • The data within the table is sparse and stored in a 3-array format.

  • The arrays describe the sparse matrix \(A\) as follows:

    • The array values contain non-zero elements of the matrix row-by-row.

    • The element number j of the columns_indices array encodes the column index in the matrix \(A\) for the jth element of the array values.

    • The element number i of the row_offsets array encodes the index in the array values corresponding to the first non-zero element in rows indexed i or greater. The last element in the array row_offsets encodes the number of non-zero elements in the matrix \(A\).

    oneDAL supports zero-based and one-based indexing.

Compressed Sparse Row (CSR) data format with zero-based indexing.#

Programming Interface#

Refer to API Reference: Compressed Sparse Rows Table to learn more.