DLL file not found

If you run your program in Visual Studio and encounter a “sycl.dll was not found” runtime error or a similar one such as the one shown below, update the project property Debugging > Environment. To do this, follow How to Fix instructions.

Unable to start a program: the code execution cannot proceed because XXX.dll was not found.


The issue appears as the result of how Visual Studio 2017 and its later versions handle additional directories for the PATH environment variable.

How to Fix

  1. Open the project’s properties, go to Debugging > Environment property, right-click the drop-down menu, and select Edit:

Changing configuration properties
  1. Copy the default value of the PATH environment variable from the Evaluated value section and then paste it to the section above it:

Changing configuration properties
  1. Add to PATH the paths to the dll files that the program needs:

Changing configuration properties