Directed adjacency vector graph

Refer to Developer Guide: Directed adjacency vector graph.

Programming interface

All types and functions in this section are declared in the oneapi::dal::preview namespace and are available via inclusion of the oneapi/dal/graph/directed_adjacency_vector_graph.hpp header file.

template<typename VertexValue = empty_value, typename EdgeValue = empty_value, typename GraphValue = empty_value, typename IndexType = std::int32_t, typename Allocator = std::allocator<char>>
class directed_adjacency_vector_graph
Template Parameters
  • VertexValue – The type of the vertex attribute values.

  • EdgeValue – The type of the edge attribute values.

  • GraphValue – The type of the graph attribute value.

  • IndexType – The type of the vertex indices.

  • Allocator – The type of a graph allocator.



Constructs an empty graph.

~directed_adjacency_vector_graph() = default

Destructs the graph.

directed_adjacency_vector_graph(directed_adjacency_vector_graph &&other) = default

Creates a new graph instance and moves the implementation from another instance into this one.

Public Methods

directed_adjacency_vector_graph &operator=(directed_adjacency_vector_graph &&other)

Swaps the implementation of this object and another one.