Use oneCCL package from CMake#

oneCCLConfig.cmake and oneCCLConfigVersion.cmake are included into oneCCL distribution.

With these files, you can integrate oneCCL into a user project with the find_package command. Successful invocation of find_package(oneCCL <options>) creates imported target oneCCL that can be passed to the target_link_libraries command.

For example:

add_executable(foo foo.cpp)

# Search for oneCCL
find_package(oneCCL REQUIRED)

# Connect oneCCL to foo
target_link_libraries(foo oneCCL)

oneCCLConfig files generation#

To generate oneCCLConfig files for oneCCL package, use the provided cmake/scripts/config_generation.cmake file:

cmake [-DOUTPUT_DIR=<output_dir>] -P cmake/script/config_generation.cmake