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This table shows ideal combination of Work-Group(WG) size, Sub-Group size and Shared Local Memory(SLM) usage limit that will get you 100% occupancy in the selected GPU Xe-Core.


What is this?

The Intel GPU Occupancy tool will compute the theoretical GPU Occupancy for Intel GPU devices based on GPU Kernel code parameters. The Occupancy value will determine whether the GPU is efficiently utilizing all the GPU hardware resources. The tool will also generate graphs that will help optimize GPU Occupancy.

How to use?

  1. Input GPU Device type
  2. Input GPU Kernel code parameters
  3. Analyze GPU Occupancy output values and graphs
Detailed Instructions


  • The GPU Occupancy Calculator gives a theoretical estimate of GPU Occupancy, actual occupancy on the hardware may be slightly different due to many factors like kernel scheduling variations, cache hit/miss and other hardware conditions.
  • Note that higher occupancy does not always translate to higher performance (for example in some GPU kernels, higher local memory usage may reduce occupancy but may give better performance).
  • Occupancy reported by tools like Intel VTune Profiler and Intel Advisor Roofline are actual Occupancy and may be different than the theoretical GPU Occupancy Calculator value.